Trackmats – The Perfect Fit For Large Industries!

Grassform is now offering a new range of track mats that are a perfect fit for a large number industries. These track mats are not only used by ourselves for construction and sports field drainage work, but are available for sale and hire directly via our website.

Difference Between Trackmats and Competition?

Trackmats have a unique self cleaning surface which allows for vehicles and pedestrians to cross the mat and still give grip as it dispels mud and other dirt’s. Built into the underside of the mat is a traction cylinder which also aids in gripping the surface. The type of surface also has little effect, whether it be grass, soil or synthetic turf. The small cylinders prevent sliding and improve stability to the mat.

Strong, Light Weight and Mobile

The standard size for each Trackmat is 2,440mm x 1,130mm (8 x 4) and will weigh between 33kgs and 36kgs. They are a high density polyethylene and light weight means that they can be easily moved, loaded, unloaded or stacked with the accessible convenient hand holes.

The sheets are also very easily connected together as Grassform offers urethane connectors for long-term applications. Also available are metal connectors for heavily tracked equipment and U pins for slopes and cambers on soft surfaces. Each system that is in place will help to ensure that minimal damage incurred and increases ground protection.

Trackmats to Protect!

The Trackmats come in a light green colour or black, the light green has been specified to reflect heat and light. This stops any absorption and will prevent most damage to the grass that the mats are protecting.

This process allows our mats to be used for effective ground protection in a number of areas including:

  • Festivals
  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Cemeteries
  • Site access

Cheap costs for Sale and Hire!

These Trackmats are available to buy at just £215 per sheet or for hire at £1 per mat per day. Not only do these provide excellent safety and ground protection, but are great value for money compared to the cost of alternatives.

Material 100% High Density Polyethylene
Colour Light green
Optional extras Neoprene connectors for longer term connection Metal connectors for heavy and tracked equipment Metal U pins for slopes and cambers
Environmentally Friendly Weather proof, water resistant and unaffected by extreme heat or cold
Description TM4496-double sided
Dimensions 113cm x 244cm
Weight per sheet 33kg
Thickness 1.27cm